Richard Sekiwunga


Richard Sekiwunga is a researcher whose work mainly focuses on public health issues. His broad
interests explicitly focus on gender and sexuality, HIV, childhood illnesses, violence against children and
women, families, and poverty. Over the last seven years, he has been involved in parenting work aimed
at interventions to reduce sexual and gender based violence and child abuse.
He has published in peer-reviewed journals and has a strong bias in qualitative analysis methods.
Sekiwunga holds a Master of Science degree in Population and Reproductive Health and a Bachelor of
Arts in the Social Sciences from Makerere University. He also posseses a diploma in Public
Administration, also from Makerere University

1. Poor Parenting: Teenagers’ Views on Adolescent Pregnancies in Eastern Uganda
Richard Sekiwunga, Susan Reynolds Whyte
2. Assets and challenges facing caregivers when managing malaria in young children in rural
Uganda. Rosemin Kassam, John Collins and Richard Sekiwunga.
3. Caregivers’ treatment-seeking behaviors and predictors of whether a child received an
appropriate antimalarial treatment: a household survey in rural Uganda. Rosemin Kassam,
Richard Sekiwunga, John B. Collins, Juliet Tembe and Eric Liow.
4. Challenges with accessing health care for young children presumed to have malaria in the rural
district of Butaleja, Uganda: a qualitative study. Asa RAHIMI, Rosemin KASSAM, Zhong DANG,
5. How unlicensed drug vendors in rural Uganda perceive their role in the management of
childhood malaria. Eric Liow, Dr. Rosemin Kassam, Richard Sekiwunga.

6. Investigating unlicensed retail drug vendors’ preparedness and knowledge about malaria: An
exploratory study in rural Uganda. Eric Liowa, Rosemin Kassama, Richard Sekiwunga.

7. Patterns of treatment-seeking behaviors among caregivers of febrile young children: A Ugandan
multiple case study. Rosemin Kassam, Richard Sekiwunga, Duncan MacLeod, Juliet Tembe and
Eric Liow.

8. Understanding Unlicensed Drug Vendor Practices Related to Childhood Malaria in One Rural
District of Uganda: An Exploratory Study. Eric Liow, Rosemin Kassam, and Richard Sekiwunga.

9. Siu G.E, Batte, A., Tibingana, B., Otwombe, K., Sekiwunga R, S., & Paichadze, N. Mothers’
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Injuries Epidemiology.
10. Siu, G.E., Wight, D., Seeley, J., Namutebi, C., Sekiwunga, R., Zalwango, F. and Kasule, S. (2017).
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violence: formative evaluation in Uganda. The European Journal of Development Research.

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