Dr Stephen M Kiwuwa


Dr.Kiwuwa Steven MpunguMB.Ch.B, Msc. PhDis a lecturer in the department of child Health and development centre with a specialization in Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics including Bioethics at Makerere University College of Health Sciences. He is interested in feasibility and community effectiveness of innovative intervention packages for maternal and new-born health in Uganda. More specifically he has over 8years’ experience in disease control, epidemiology research and graduate training at university level and over 20years’ experience in delivery of health care services at all levels of the health care system. He was formally the Regional contact point for the East African region FP7 project - The “Contact point network to attract  young African scientists to participate in EU funded research programs on poverty related diseases”(2007-2010). Furthermore he is skilled in program design, evaluation and monitoring with 7 years’ experience in research administration and ethics in human subjects research. He has a wealth of experience in Field epidemiological studies through international collaboration initiatives. Previous projects undertaken include: WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION TDR RESEARCH CAPABILITY STRENGTHENING GRANT 14/09/2000 - 14/09 2005. Co-investigator of project Community malaria in pregnancy interventions as a pathfinder of better antenatal care utilization. MIM/TDR malaria related control interventions - 06/2005-06/2008(completed) in Luwero District. Co-investigator AMANET capacity strengthening grant for malaria vaccine trials  2007-october 2010 (completed). Dr. Kiwuwa was also a review team member for the evaluation of the early phase of implementation of the integrated community case management of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea (2010-2013) in 34 districts of Uganda (WHO Uganda & UNICEF).

My research interests include community maternal and child health interventions, plasmodium falciparum immunogenicity and drug resistance markers, epidemiological surveillance for epidemic prone and emerging infectious diseases. In the area of Bioethics, my future research will focus on IRB performance issues, HIV disclosure ethics, ethics of genetic research, online ethics research and consent issues in diverse settings.

The results from this research are expected to provide evidence on the effectiveness of new strategies and interventions to improve maternal and newborn health and will contribute directly to the WHO Millennium Development Goals( MDGs) 5 (maternal health) and 4 (child health) and as about one third of all under-five mortality is related to perinatal causes. My key collaborators include researchers from Karolinskainstitutet,Johns Hopkins University and locally policy makers from the Ministry of Health and officials from the District directorates of health services and various Health units within Uganda.


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