Dr. Aggrey Dhabangi


Dr. Aggrey Dhabangi (MB ChB), M.Med Paediatrics and Child Health ), PhD (Cand.)

 Aggrey Dhabangi is a Lecturer at the Child Health and Development centre (CHDC), School of Medicine, Makerere University, and currently a PhD candidate at University of Amsterdam. At CHDC, he teaches undergraduate medical students; clinical Paediatrics (4th and 5th years), community research projects development and implementation (3rd year) and research methods and community diagnosis (2nd year) and well as supervision of medical students at community site placements.

Currently, he is the Ugandan trial co-coordinator of a three year study entitled; Malaria chemoprevention with monthly treatment with dihydroartemisinin-piperaquine for the post-discharge management of severe anaemia in children aged less that 5 years in Uganda and Kenya: a 3-year, multi-centre, parallel-group, two-arm randomized placebo controlled superiority trial.

He has also participated in various research projects at CHDC both qualitative and Quantitative including a survey of gender attitudes among young people in Uganda, a formative research for the Introduction of  Typhoid vaccination and “WASH” interventions in Kasese district -Uganda, client satisfaction with Health services in Uganda, an assessment of the feasibility of two alternative strategies for delivering a full course of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine to girls in and out of schools in Uganda, among others.

His other prior research experiences include; was a local lead principal investigator of two year clinical trial - an R21 NIH-funded project entitled “Transfusion in Malaria” (HL 109518 01A1); based at the Acute care unit, Mulago hospital, Uganda. (NCT01586923), worked as a study physician for the Cytoadherence in Paediatric Malaria project; a 2 year observational Case – control malaria study performed at the Mulago Hospital Acute Care Unit  and a 2 years experience in research, treatment and care for HIV/AIDS infected children including antiretroviral therapy at the Paediatric Infectious Diseases Institute (PIDC), Mulago.

His research interests include, but not limited to; Blood transfusion therapy, Childhood severe anemia, malaria, Early Childhood Development (ECD) and paediatrics HIV/AIDS.


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