Augustine K. Mutumba

Senior Administrative Assistant

Senior Administrative Assistant

Mr. Augustine Mutumba has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Work and Social Administration. He also has a Masters’ degree in Public Administration and Management. With over twenty five years of experience working as a project manager on various national and regional, research and training projects, Mr. Mutumba’s has a wealth of experience in Hard Assets Management, Financial Management and Personnel Management, involving liaison with different organizations (within and without Uganda) and prominent researchers.  In addition, he provides experiential training in administrative functions to personnel involved in various projects ranging from consultancies to community-based novice researchers.  He advises researchers on project management, budgeting and accounting. He has also served on boards and management committees of schools, health facilities and NGOs including cultural development organizations.

Contact details:

Augustine Mutumba

Child Health and Development Centre

Makerere University College of Health Sciences.

 P.O. Box 6717 Kampala,

Tel. 256-414-541684 and 256-772-444789

Fax: 256-414-531677,